We are very pleased to announce that Surfside Primary School has won Best Project under $5m at the 2020 Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) Awards.

This is our very first project for the VSBA and we look forward to delivering more schools in 2021 for our communities in both urban and regional areas of Victoria.

This was a major refurbishment for the school nestled in the seaside community of Ocean Grove.

Sibling transformed 10 outdated general-purpose classrooms into a more modern collaborative learning environment.

To improve access and how the children find their way throughout the school, the architects used a garden or neighbourhood concept.

They replaced the traditional classrooms with a common street or path, which links a series of unique nodes.

Each node has its own identity, with unique colours inspired by natural landscapes.

The judges loved this confident and playful use of colour and thought it would be a delightful space to occupy.

Sibling also improved flexibility by using moveable acoustic partitions that allow adjacent classrooms to open up and become a large single space with several zones.