The last few months have brought about more dramatic challenges to our economy than what we have seen in several decades.

The built environment industry has had to react to political, social and economic changes that will stay with us for years or even longer. In such a turbulent environment, how do companies adapt – not just to survive, but to set themselves up for future success? What lessons have been learned and what is the way forward?

The University of Melbourne Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning is holding a series of panel conversations called ‘State of the Industry’, inviting alumni and industry leaders to discuss how their industries have changed and what lies ahead.

Join Sibling Director Amelia Borg, John Denton (Founding Director, DCM) and Hamish Lyon (Director of Architecture and Design, NH Architecture) as they debate with Derek Huynh, founder of the University of Melbourne’s ABP Future Leaders Alumni Network.

We look forward to meeting again in real space for these conversations, but until then, please register here to join the panel online.