Over the last 12months we have been working closely with Transport for NSW and Right Angle Studios on the place activation and strategy for the Eddy precinct at Central Station. Watch this space for our latest project updates!

To launch the precinct, Right Angle hosted the Place Debate, on site at Eddy with Rob Stokes, NSW Tranport Minister opening the event.
Qianyi Lim on behalf of Sibling was invited along with five other city makers to debate the topic ‘ A great city should never sleep!’
Appointed to the negative side of the debate with Sacha Coles, Director of Aspect Studios and Sam Davison, Creative Director at Right Angle; we argued that quite simply, cities, like all living organisms, need to take rest and be restored in order to function. Whilst it is valuable for our cities to offer a myriad of spaces for entertainment, for leisure, for work, for learning– there is a danger that our cities become places focused around constant consumption and production. Places where commercial values take priority over social, community and emotional wellbeing. It is crucial that our cities are balanced with spaces for turning off; for rest and respite; spaces where we can retreat and do nothing.
As cities across the globe move towards 24hour connectivity, we need to make sure that the city, with its own circadian rhythms, offers a diversity of spaces, that are inclusive, safe and accessible for all of us, to turn off for a bit and retreat throughout the day.

Arguing for a great city that never sleeps was Jess Miller, Michaella Sola March and Barrie Barton, who emphasised the importance of night time economies in supporting essential workers with services as well as harnessing the cultural capital that a 24hr city can bring.
The winners of the debate were decided by crowd cheering and needless to say, we won! However both sides could agree that  a great city needs to accommodate and provide space for a diversity of communities, uses and programming across a 24hour day, whether that be for work, rest or play.