New Agency, Sibling’s exhibition which examines the futures of dwelling through the lens of an ageing population, will be reinstalled at the Sydney Design Festival during March.

How will you grow old? Can you live forever? What kind of ancestor do you want to be? Will your house outlive you? New Agency: Owning Your Future is a design research project that poses these questions. Taking the form of a public investigation, the audience is a participant in Sibling Architecture’s research within the gallery to examine and discuss the futures of dwelling through the lens of an ageing population. Visitors engage with a series of activities within Tin Sheds Gallery: exploring precedents on a spinning lazy Susan, a guided meditation, and sketching out their desires via a survey.

A series of events accompany the exhibition where ageing experts, architects and community members meet for conversations on the futures of housing and Australia’s ageing population. New Agency: How will you live in the future? For opening hours, please visit the Tin Sheds website here